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Welcome to Thrive Chiropractic!

Chiropractor, Dr. Amber Davis, is an Easley, SC native and Clemson University grad. She has returned to her hometown to share her passion for one of the most natural, organic forms of healthcare available, chiropractic.

Here at Thrive, we focus on the whole person and getting to the the root cause of your condition. Instead of relying on addictive substances, or quick fixes that only cover up the symptoms, Dr. Davis prioritizes wellness and prevention. As more and more people are searching for safe and preventative options for their health, chiropractic wellness care is in high demand. Natural healthcare should always be your first choice, before drugs or surgery! Your body has an amazing ability to heal, function, and maintain health. We want to help get you there, through gentle, natural chiropractic care.


Don’t just exist, THRIVE!

Your nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. These nerves are how your brain communicates with your entire body, and sends or receives signals about pain or dysfunction. Spinal misalignment and degeneration interfere with optimal communication, mobility, and overall function. With corrective chiropractic adjustments, many of our patients experience great improvements, not only in the condition they sought treatment for, but in many other areas of their health, as well. True healthcare starts with prevention. Isn’t it time you experience a THRIVING life, the way it is meant to be lived? 

Your Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) is able to administer a safe, effective, and specific adjustment. A Chiropractor is the only doctor specifically trained to locate, analyze, and correct vertebral misalignment, or subluxation. 

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