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Here at Thrive, we focus on the whole person and getting to the the root cause of your condition. Instead of relying on addictive substances, or quick fixes that only cover up the symptoms, Dr. Amber prioritizes wellness and prevention. As more and more people are searching for safe and preventative options for their health, chiropractic wellness care is in high demand. Natural healthcare should always be your first choice, before drugs or surgery! Your body has an amazing ability to heal, function, and maintain health. We want to help get you there, through gentle, natural chiropractic care.


2018 Team Chiropractor for URGE.URGE

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Your Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) is able to administer a safe, effective, and specific adjustment. A Chiropractor is the only doctor specifically trained to locate, analyze, and correct vertebral misalignment, or subluxation. 

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