Humble Beginnings

*Short bio on why I became a Chiropractor, and how I got here.

Once upon a time, I lived in the land of Chicken McNugget wishes and Ramen Noodles dreams. I was convinced diet soda would help me lose weight, and organic food was for idiots. Preservatives and pesticides are totally safe, or the FDA wouldn’t allow them in our food, right!?  *palm to forehead*

For years, I struggled with my weight, skin, self-esteem, and overall health. Getting here wasn’t easy, but it was so SO worth it! I’m not perfect, by any means, but I am leaps and bounds from where my health journey began. I’m still evolving my life to be healthier and happier every day. I do not pretend to have all the answers, or to like Kale chips, but  I do have knowledge about human physiology, and a drive to learn and share what makes us thrive! 

Health is a journey… Let’s take it, together!

Becoming a chiropractor saved my life.

Why don’t we follow our childhood dreams? Most of us spend our teens and twenties trying to figure out who we want to be when we grow up. Maybe it’s hard, because we focus too much on what society wants us to be. That’s another blog post, though. Looking back, I always knew where my heart was.

At 18, I graduated from high school, and like many, college was the next step. Also, like many, I did some soul searching and changed majors…twice. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Clemson University, I managed to land at a local desk job, working for a small business. It was your typical 8-5, spending my days cozied up to a computer and a land line, looking forward to nothing but the weekend. I was thankful to be working, but I felt like something was missing. I wasn’t happy, and the who I was supposed to be, just didn’t feel right for me.

As a child, I remember wanting to be a scientist. I used to pretend I was growing cultures in petri dishes and saving lives. (From monsters, yes, but still the victor!). I remember memorizing all the bones of the body in elementary school, and how excited I got talking to my mom about omega-3 fatty acids in the fish we ate for dinner. Maybe that’s not the kind of thing most kids get a kick out of, but I did. So, when I started another quest to discover my purpose, I decided to give science and healthcare a chance.

My biggest hesitancy with the American medical system was that it seemed to rely so heavily on drugs, and that didn’t align with my ideals. Don’t get me wrong; there is obviously a time, place, and necessity for pharmaceuticals. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I struggled with not wanting to be part of a system that seemed to encourage muscle relaxers and surgery over hands-on care and lifestyle modification. (Side note: I am aware many medical professionals are choosing not to approach their practice this way. I appreciate you. Truly.) My partner suggested I might consider Chiropractic, and was surprised to hear the response, “I don’t believe in that crap”. (I may have used a slightly different phrase to express my distaste, but lets keep things PG). This unfortunate view was, at the time, a product of my own ignorance combined with the lingering effects of a certain American Association’s attempts to oppress the profession (a court ruling found the group guilty of “long-term attempt to destroy a licensed profession,” in 1987). Chiropractic is not a religion or medieval alchemy, but rather a science based on our own physiology. No matter how smart I thought I was, my lack of understanding led to a lot of assumption, and we all know what happens why you something.

I had to eat that initial response, once I was schooled on the science, art, and philosophy Chiros practice. This profession was and is changing lives, by doing the most natural thing possible, removing the source of the problem. I soon came to realize that these were truly doctors of HEALTH care. They were masters of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, biomechanical function of the body, and practitioners of the pure, natural healing I had been searching for. I was in love, and I couldn’t stop day dreaming about being a part of something so extraordinary. Chiropractic is more than just back or neck pain. It’s a culture and lifestyle of innate, proactive health. It is optimizing your potential, both physically and emotionally, by improving the brain-body connection. It is so much more than I can write in a paragraph, and this is where I desperately wanted to be! …But, “I can’t quit my job and take on more student loans,” would always creep back in.

The universe has a funny way of nudging you to the edge of the nest, like a mother bird, and telling you when it’s time to fly. Listen to the universe. It will not hesitate to shove you out of said nest. Like any other week day, I walked into work, put my things by my desk, and poured some company coffee into a white, Styrofoam cup, to get myself going. “The partners want to sell the company,” said a co-worker. Later, I would come to realize that these were seven of the most important words of my life, but at the time, they were devastating. Corporate America was coming in and my job was going out. Someone sitting in a cubicle, 500 miles away, would walk into work, put their things by their desk, and pour some company coffee to get themselves going. Meanwhile, I would be left with nothing but a stapler and an overpriced apartment.

What was there to lose, now? I spread my wings and applied to Chiropractic school. Everything was in motion, and I was finally following my dream. Ironically, a few months later, the partners backed out of the sale. My job was still there, but my heart wasn’t. The universe had made sure of that.

I became a Chiropractor, because natural health care is where my heart is. I find purpose in caring for people, delivering an organic pathway to health and healing for my community, mastering the science and unity of human physiology, loving my patients, and guiding them toward a more robust life….and the kid in me always knew that.

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