Do I have to have insurance to be seen? No! In fact, we are able to offer a discount for patients who cover their costs at the time services are rendered. By not filing insurance claims, we are able to pass along administrative savings to our patients!

How much does it cost to get started? Probably a lot less than you think! Our initial exam is only $30. Yes, you read that correctly! You will receive a full consultation, orthopedic exam, neurological exam, and report of findings with Dr. Davis, for only $30!

Do you offer care “packages”? No, we are a pay-per-visit office. The doctor will develop an individualized plan of care for you to follow, however, we do not require you to pay for care before you receive it. Our front desk will be happy to discuss pricing and payment options with you.

Do I need X-rays? To see is to know. Not to see, is to guess. We don’t like to guess about your health. If the doctor feels imaging is needed, we are able to take them in office, and usually on the same day as your initial exam. If you have recent imaging from another facility, we may be able to use that. Necessity will vary depending on each patient’s individual needs, and may not be required for treatment. Pricing is $55 per region (i.e. Head/Neck, Chest/Thoracic, or Low Back/Pelvis).

Will I be adjusted same day? In order to provide our patients with the best care possible, Dr. Davis completes a very thorough consultation and examination. After reviewing any diagnostic imaging, orthopedic test results, neurological exams, and notes made during your health history consultation, she will provide you with a full Report of Findings and care recommendations. To rush through this process would be a disservice to you. We pride ourselves in being a clinic that fully involves and empowers you, the patient, in your own health care goals. On your second visit, Dr. Davis will spend time reviewing and explaining her findings, and once all of your questions have been answered, you will receive your first adjustment!

What technique does the doctor use? Each patient, and their individual needs, differs from the next. Dr. Davis uses a variety of adjusting techniques to tailor care that is most appropriate for you! She is trained in traditional techniques, as well as some of the most conservative forms of care possible, for patients with limited tolerance. During your visit, treatment may include: manual adjusting techniques, drop table, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Activator instrument, and toggle, to name a few.

Can I just come when I feel like I’m in pain? You can, however, this is like just brushing your teeth when you feel like you have cavities. Chiropractic care is great for helping you get out of pain, however, it truly works best as preventative care. Maintenance plans keep your body healthy, so you are better able to PREVENT injury, FIGHT OFF illness, and FUNCTION optimally. Your nervous system controls your every single function in your body. Shouldn’t you make sure it is free of interference?



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