Heather Davis, the office-manager-extraordinaire, originally hales from New Jersey, but has been living in the south long enough to develop a noticeable southern accent and sweet tea obsession. She is passionate about photography, and written word. Children are her favorite subjects to photograph, because their smiles and laughs are always genuine and infectious. Close behind her love of the arts, is her love for Chiropractic. Heather suffered from migraines, for years, before becoming a regular patient. She loves chatting with patients, and getting to know them on a first name basis. Heather is also a stickler about organization and a self-proclaimed “neat-freak”. Someone in the office has to be!    

Dr. Amber Davis is originally an Easley, SC native and has returned home to share her passion for one of the most natural, organic forms of healthcare available, chiropractic. She received her Bachelor of Science from Clemson University, where she graduated with honors and marched in the Clemson University Tiger Band, for four years. She completed her Doctorate at Sherman College of Chiropractic, graduating cum laude. She loves music, traveling, and making her own kombucha. While completing her degree, she spent time in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, serving on a mission trip to provide care and aid to impoverished communities. 

“Seeing patients in Haiti was often very physically demanding, as one can imagine, due to the intense heat and constant flow of people. Everywhere we went, it seemed like hundreds of people gathered at our group’s tables to receive care, and we were overwhelmed by the response. The mission group I was traveling with made frequent visits to the communities where we were working, and almost everyone was familiar with chiropractors, because of this. They, however, had a different way of describing us, as I learned from a man we were caring for.  

This particular day, my partner and I found a tree to set up our portable adjusting tables under. The shade was meager at best, but welcomed in the unforgiving Haitian heat! The dirt lot we were working in bordered a large manufacturing plant and saw a great deal of foot traffic. It was built across a river separating the island of Hispaniola, likely for financial and political reasons, as it blurred the lines between Haitian and Dominican boarders. I remember watching cattle, including a small bull, wandering around our stations, sometimes coming uncomfortably close to where we were working. None of the Haitians seemed too concerned, as this was common place for them.

We had 1-3 interpreters working with our group at all times. Being in high demand, however, they were often pulled in many directions, and we needed to rely on general hand signals to communicate as best we could. One of the men waiting to be checked noticed us struggling to instruct the patients, and offered to help. His English was very broken, but he enjoyed the practice and stayed with us until crowds died down. While speaking with him, he told me the people we were caring for did not use the word chiropractor. They had created another term for us in their language, similar to french or creole. The best I can remember, he may have said, ‘manyen swayeur’, but the most important thing he said was, “It means, Touch Healer”.

Touch Healer. This is such a simple, perfect, and beautiful way to describe my profession, and why I love what I do. The people of Haiti likely have no idea that chiropractic literally translates to ‘practice with hands’, in Latin, yet they recognize that we practice our art, science, and philosophy of healing, using only our hands on their bodies. This is what it is really all about: We learn about our patients, not only be listening, but by using hands-on contact and observation. We apply those findings to our extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biological sciences, and human pathology, allowing us to make decisions about treatment and removing the source of the problem.”